The Church of Clientology

Blog / Publications / January 5, 2017

If you haven’t seen Leah Remini’s special on A&E about the Church of Scientology, you should definitely check it out.

The stuff she says they do to shame, humiliate and destroy anyone who speaks out against them is the stuff of nightmares. Everything is carefully crafted to exercise complete control over their members’ every thought, word, and deed.

But this isn’t so much different than the nasty promises of coaches.

MANY coaches do the exact same thing when you challenge them in any way.

A buddy of mine was in a mastermind, years back. The guy running it was one of those hardcore, go for the sale, “rip their throats out” types. A real peach.

After investing $50k or so to work with him, my buddy asked him what he could do to attract more clients. “Facebook ads” the coach said.

“Okay, great,” my friend asked, “What do I need to do?”

“Oh, I don’t teach that stuff,”

“Wait, what?” he was shocked.

“Yeah. I don’t teach lead-generation, or advertising. So if you want to learn Facebook, you should hire this other guy.”

My pal was stunned.

Here, he had just handed this coach $50,000, and now – two weeks after joining – the coach was telling him to spend even more money with someone else because he didn’t teach “lead-generation”.

As the months wore on, my friend noticed that whenever someone asked about getting more leads, the coach would find some way to shame them:

“What are you talking about? You don’t need more leads, you don’t even know how to close people! Spend more time working on that!”

“Wait…you had one client ask for a refund? And you want more leads? Shouldn’t you quit scamming people, first?”

“You want to spend money on advertising? How can you be that stupid?!”

It was amazing to watch. Of course, the coach was simply unable to admit that his program had some massive, gaping holes in it…and so he attacked his own clients whenever they asked something he couldn’t answer.

Has that ever happened to you?

To have a successful program, any coach needs two things:

1) A complete, start-to-finish solution. This means everything you need to get the outcome. Not a piece of the puzzle…the whole damned thing! (Hint: most coaches don’t even have this…) AND…

2) Huge amounts of love and support so you actually achieve the result. There are maybe 4-5 coaches on the planet that have a true system for attracting high-paying clients consistently. But of those 4-5, very few of them have the kind of support you need to actually make it happen.

The point is this: be aware. Trust your gut. If you ask a reasonable question, and the coach makes you feel BAD about asking…it’s a huge red flag.

Also, be sure that any coach you invest in has the two things I mentioned above: a step-by-step solution (rather than just a piece of the puzzle) and TONS of support so that you can really make it happen.

Bottom line: Don’t get sucked into the Church of Clientology.  It’s bad news.


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