Brands That Linger & Businesses With Staying Power

Blog / Russ Ruffino / October 5, 2017

Brands That Linger & Businesses With Staying Power | Russ RuffinoBuilding a brand that lingers on a client’s mind is an important part of developing a lasting company, but it isn’t the only important feature for creating a company that has staying power.

With failure being a huge possibility for even the most promising of companies, it’s important that young businesses be reminded of what it might take to build firms that can secure longevity.

There’s a number of things that a company can do internally to ensure success. Read on to learn what some of those things might be.

  1. Find a team that’s dedicated to your purpose. More than that, find a dedicated team that manages to thrive cohesively, as well as one that brings ideas to fruition. Secure a diverse collection of individuals who understand the value of experience and skills, and how they are used toward adaptability. When shopping for talent, be sure to strike a balance across the board: leaders and followers; introverts and extroverts, optimists and pragmatists. Dream teams are comprised of loyal individuals who possess a variety of skills, talents, and attributes.
  2. Cultivate an impressive company culture, which goes beyond Casual Fridays and Taco Tuesdays. A company’s values will shape its culture, and it can define the performance of a company. Liveliness and fun should mark a company’s culture, but culture also underscores the relationship between business and employee. Empowering employees means arming them with the right resources and training, and respecting their needs. Helping employees to achieve work/life balance is essential.
  3. Monitor your market when you’re looking to building a company that’s going to last -pointing out needs and desires. Foster original ideas, but also identify customer needs, market desires, and what might it take to provide services and products. Develop a product and company roadmap by listening to interested buyers. It’s a surefire way to give people what they want. With that, you might want to make sure you’re always looking slightly to the future, as a company must be able to evolve with the times.

The strength of a company can be measured by the way it treats its employees, the way it operates its market, and the way it manages its goals. Ensure long-term success, but setting your sights on management and growth.

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Russ Ruffino
Russ Ruffino, the founder and CEO of Clients on Demand, has established himself as a no-nonsense business coach. With the development of his ebook, video course, coaching sessions and live courses, he’s been able to motivate and inspire others. Russ Ruffino’s attracted clients who celebrate him for his notable savvy; he regularly revamps his product to stay current and competitive.

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